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Kozane® Applications

Kozane® offers unlimited applications, from protective clothing to tear-resistant coverings. All of our products are tried and tested to ensure optimum performance in the most extreme conditions, for cut-resistant fabric you can truly rely on.

For more information about the suitability of any of our products, or to discuss your own application, please do not hesitate to contact us.

cut and slash resistant clothing for law enforcement

Military, law enforcement & security

Kozane®‘s advanced fabric technology makes it ideally suited for high-risk professions in the military, law enforcement, prisons and corrections, security and close protection, and many more.

Offering the highest possible cut, tear and puncture protection, personal protective equipment made from Kozane® can effectively prevent serious cuts and lacerations caused by knives and other edged weapons.

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Industrial health & safety

Kozane®’s cut, tear and abrasion-resistant fabric can be used to create high performance personal protective equipment (PPE), from cuffs and sleeves to full-body overalls.

Cut resistant fabric is widely used in the glass industry, sheet metal processing, vehicle manufacturing, waste management and recycling, and other high-risk industries. It is also suitable for use in food processing.

Bite and scratch protection for carers

Health care, social care & education

No one chooses to enter a caring profession expecting to be injured, but it is a sad reality for many nurses, carers and teachers. Kozane®‘s unique composition makes it ideal for protecting delicate skin against bites and scratches.

Not only does it effectively and discreetly shield the wearer, but it is also safe for children and adults who present with challenging behaviour.

Sports & leisure

Kozane®‘s cut and abrasion resistant fabric can be used for a range of sporting activities, including ice hockey, speed skating, motorcycling, speed boating, and horse riding as well as slash resistant clothing and anti-theft bags and luggage.

In fact, the possible applications of this versatile product are only limited by your imagination.

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