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Frequently Asked Questions

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For further information, feedback or any questions, please contact Eve Lamb, our Global Business Development Manager for Kozane® High-Performance Fabrics.


Who created Kozane®?

Granberg’s team of research and development are the creators behind the Kozane® range of high-performance fabrics. Our core range has been carefully selected from over 50 fabrics – technical fibres with high cut, abrasion, puncture and tear properties combined with unique knitting technologies – to offer solutions to a multitude of sectors where cuts and lacerations pose a risk to human life.

What can Kozane® fabrics be used for?

Kozane® fabrics offer a range of applications, including:

  • Cut-resistant lining for gloves
  • Cut-resistant body armour covers 
  • Slash-resistant clothing for prison officers, police and army forces, private security personnel etc.
  • Anti-theft bags, luggage and upholstery 
  • Motorcycle, outdoor or sports apparel 
  • Cut-resistant clothing and PPE for numerous manufacturing industries (sheet glass, flat metal, automobile), cut and liquid resistant PPE for food processing and packaging

What is the standard width, length and weight of a Kozane® fabric roll?

Please consult our catalogue or individual technical sheets for information on each fabric.

What specialist tools or equipment do I need to work with Kozane®?

Recommended cutting machines and blades

  • Blade cutting machine HOFFMAN HF-200TF/1100 (1.5kW)
  • Belt blade BS 4435x10x0.45 mm double bevel smooth
  • Electronic scissors EC Cutter (20.00cm x 10.00cm x 20.00cm)

Needle type

  • For the main seams: SCHMETZ 134 SES 135×5 SES DPx5 SES 110/18 or Organ Needles DPx5 135×5 134R/1955 110/18 B/SUK
  • For the thick seams: Organ Needles DPx5 135×5 134R/1955 120/19 B/SUK

Thread type

  • Thread for the main seams: SABA No.50 (polyester core-spun)
  • Thread for the strong seams: TYTAN No. 40 (polyester 100%)
  • Thread for the strong and heat resistant seams: KEVLAR 30/3

Our team’s advice

  • It is recommended to cut the pieces of garments only according to the main/machine direction of the knitted fabric.
  • It is recommended to avoid stretching/pulling during the cutting – make sure that the cutting machine cuts, does not damage/tear and tension the knitted fabric during of cut process. It is recommended to use only a sharp knife and sharpen the edge of the knife regularly.

Is Kozane® bleach-resistant?

No. Please consult our catalogue or individual technical sheets for information on each fabric safety and care instructions.

Is Kozane® fire retardant?

Kozane® Pyro is fire retardant. Please consult our catalogue or individual technical sheets for information on each fabric safety and care instructions.

What is the HS / international customs code for Kozane®?

HS code/tariff code 6006310000 – Unbleached or bleached fabrics, knitted or crocheted, of synthetic fibres, of a width of > 30 cm (excl. warp knit fabrics “incl. those made on galloon knitting machines”, those containing by weight >= 5% of elastomeric yarn or rubber thread, and pile fabrics, incl. “long pile”, looped pile fabrics, labels, badges and similar articles, and knitted or crocheted fabrics, impregnated, coated, covered or laminated)

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