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Mental Health & Special Education

Our advanced tear-resistant fabric, Kozane® Invicta, was designed for tear-resistant garments for vulnerable patients and prisoners where traditional clothing and bedding may increase the risk of self-harm. Its high puncture resistance also makes it ideal for manufacturing bite and scratch-resistant protective garments for professionals working in special education and mental health who deal with service users and patients exhibiting challenging behavior.

Bite and scratch protection for carers

Discreet protection against bites, pinches, and scratches

When working with vulnerable people, particularly those presenting challenging behavior, healthcare, and education workers can be at risk from bites, pinches, and scratches. As well as causing pain and bruising, bites carry an especially high risk of infection (due to the number of bacteria in the human mouth) as well as a risk of contamination with blood-borne viruses. Hepatitis B virus (HBV), Hepatitis C virus (HCV), and Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) can be found in the saliva of infected people in low concentrations.

Kozane® Invicta can be effectively incorporated into arm guards or sweatshirts to provide discreet protection that can be worn all day.

Anti-ligature tear-resistant clothing and bedding

Due to its high tear resistance, Kozane® Invicta can also be used to manufacture anti-ligature tear-resistant clothing and bedding, for mental health, special education, or custodial settings.


tear resistant fabric for ppe in mental health care

Kozane® Strongwear

In partnership with a major NHS mental health hospital, we designed several anti-ligature garments and bedding for seclusion situations.

The Kozane® Strongwear range is made exclusively from our Kozane® Invicta fabric and is fully tear-resistant – seams included (the stitching has reinforced seams with high-strength thread, increasing tensile and tear resistance), designed to provide comfort and most importantly to minimize the risk of self-harm.

Our range also includes bite and scratch-resistant garments for professionals dealing with patients or service users exhibiting challenging behavior, allowing carers to do what they do best, even in the most challenging environments.

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Kozane® Strongwear
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