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Kozane® by Granberg Protective Garments

Kozane® now offers ready-made puncture, abrasion, tear and cut-resistant clothing suitable for a wide range of industries. Incorporating our own high-performance, cut-resistant fabric – Kozane® Extreme, our garments offer the wearer outstanding protection against cuts and lacerations while offering breathability and comfort.

The Kozane® Range of Protective Garments was created due to continuous demand from our customers for high cut resistance and elevated comfort. We decided to take on this challenge and fill the gap in the market with a selection of carefully designed, CE certified garments, meant to not only protect the wearer from injuries caused by sharp tools, materials, or weapons, but also offering unmatched comfort for the wearer.

Glass handling and manufacturing

Paper/Pulp processing

Industrial manufacturing


Building and Construction



Mining and Metals




From our range of over 50 high-performance fabrics, we chose the Kozane® Extreme high-performance fabric, offering the optimum combination between outstanding levels of protection and comfortability, making it perfect for cut-resistant garments in high-risk industries. The unique three-dimensional knitted fabric combines a high-performance top layer which effectively prevents injuries from severe cuts and lacerations, with a soft polyester bottom layer for optimum comfort and protection. Kozane® Extreme is stronger than traditional aramid fibres, such as Kevlar, Twaron and Nomex, and it continues to perform even when wet or exposed to ultraviolet light.

Kozane® Protective Garments
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