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The Kozane® range includes cut-resistant and high-performance fabrics developed by our talented and passionate team, using our unique patented 3D technology. We provide solutions for a wide range of sectors and applications: security, military, industry, sports, motorcycle safety apparel, mental health, special education, prisons, footwear, upholstery, luggage and many more. All fabrics are tried and tested to ensure optimum performance in the most extreme conditions.

Our innovative fabrics combine two independent layers, connected by absorbing yarns. The result is a unique combination between the highest levels of protection available on the market and comfort, breathability and wearability, making them ideal for garment manufacturing, among other applications.



Kozane® Invicta

Our advanced tear and abrasion-resistant fabric, Kozane® Invicta, was designed for manufacturing tear-resistant products for vulnerable patients and prisoners where traditional clothing and bedding might increase the risk of self-harm, and for motorcycle apparel due to its high abrasion resistance. Its unique properties also make it suitable for a wider range of applications where extreme durability is required, such as footwear, military applications, upholstery or luggage manufacturing. Its high puncture resistance also makes it ideal for manufacturing bite and scratch resistant protective garments for professionals working in special education and mental health who deal with service users and patients exhibiting challenging behaviour.


Cut and heat resistant fabric - glass industry

Kozane® Terra

Kozane® Terra fabrics were developed in collaboration with motorcycle apparel manufacturers to address the market’s need for high-performance as well as lightweight and wearable fabrics. The range includes options varying in weight, colours, and protection levels. All fabrics have been tested according to the EN 17092-2/: 2020 (EN 17092-1: 2020) Impact Abrasion at 120 km/h, achieving results from AA to AAA.

Other applications can be considered for the Kozane® Terra range of fabrics where extreme durability and wear and tear are needed.

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Kozane® Pro

Kozane® Pro offers outstanding cut resistance in the form of a lightweight, breathable fabric – the lowest surface density of its class, with a 4-way stretch unique for this type of cut-resistant fabric. 

This product is perfect for industries and activities where comfort and movement are as important as protection against injuries, such as sports apparel.

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Kozane® Extreme

Kozane® Extreme offers the best combination between high cut resistance and wearability. The unique three-dimensional knitted fabric combines a high-performance top layer with a soft polyester bottom layer for optimum comfort and protection.

This fabric is already used in garment manufacturing for workers in high-risk industries such as flat glass, steel and car manufacturing, mining, recycling, as well as security and military personnel, and it is the ideal fabric for any other demanding roles where the wearer is at risk of cut and slash injuries.

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Kozane® Supreme

Kozane® Supreme reaches the highest possible cut resistance level according to the American standard ANSI ASTM F2992-15, an unprecedented ANSI A9 for knitted fabrics, previously only achieved by chain mail. While offering the highest cut, puncture, and tear resistance, Konzane® Supreme is soft and breathable, which makes it suitable for manufacturing cut-resistant products across a variety of sectors.

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Kozane® by Granberg Protective Garments

Kozane®  now offers ready-made puncture, abrasion, tear and cut-resistant clothing suitable for a wide range of industries and sectors. Incorporating our own high-performance, cut-resistant fabric – Kozane® Extreme, our garments offer the wearer outstanding protection against cuts and lacerations while offering breathability and comfort.

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