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Kozane® Invicta

Our advanced tear and abrasion-resistant fabric, Kozane® Invicta, was initially designed for tear-resistant garments for vulnerable patients and prisoners where traditional clothing and bedding may increase the risk of self-harm, and for motorcycle safety apparel due to its extremely high abrasion resistance. Its unique properties also make it suitable for a wide range of applications which require extreme durability, such as footwear or luggage manufacturing. Its high puncture resistance also makes it ideal for manufacturing bite and scratch resistant protective garments for professionals working in special education and mental health who deal with service users and patients exhibiting challenging behaviour.

EN388:2016 Abrasion – Level 4
EN388:2016  Tear – Level 4
EN388:2016  Puncture – Level 4
EN388:2016 Cut resistance method (EN ISO 13997:1999) – Level B
Kozane® Invicta Performance
EN 388:2016
EN 388:2016
EN 388:2016
EN388:2016 Cut
(EN ISO 13997:1999)
tear resistant fabric

Technical Specification

Developed by Granberg’s award-winning design team, Kozane® Invicta is our most durable fabric, suitable for extreme wear and tear applications due to its high abrasion, tear and puncture resistance, such as manufacturing footwear, luggage, outdoor equipment and apparel, upholstery, backpacks, military applications etc., where durability is the key feature.



tear resistant fabric for ppe in mental health care


Kozane® Invicta is already in use by leading NHS mental health trusts in the UK for its extremely high tear resistance. The fabric’s unique composition prevents it from being torn by hand, which makes it ideal for vulnerable patients or prisoners where traditional clothing and bedding may increase the risk of self-harm.

Motorcycle apparel manufacturers around the world praise it for its unparalleled abrasion resistance, as well as very high puncture resistance, making it ideal as a protective layer against rugged surfaces such as rock, gravel and asphalt. When incorporated in motorcycle apparel such as shirts and trousers, Kozane® Invicta offers outstanding protection compared to conventional clothing. Our fabric’s under-layer ensures it is comfortable and breathable, soft against the skin, while the high-performance top layer provides the best possible protection against rips and tears should the worst happen.

In addition, unlike alternative fabrics, Kozane® Invicta is flexible, breathable and smooth against the skin, offering optimum comfort for the wearer. 

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