Kozane protection shield

Military, Law Enforcement & Security

Kozane®‘s advanced fabric technology makes it ideally suited for high-risk professions in the military, law enforcement, prisons and corrections, security and close protection, and many more.

Offering the highest possible cut, tear and puncture protection, personal protective equipment made from Kozane® can effectively prevent serious cuts and lacerations caused by knives and other edged weapons.

cut and slash resistant clothing for law enforcement

Raising the standards of personal safety
for law enforcement professionals

For law enforcement professionals across the world, contact with knives and sharp weapons is a frequent occurrence. Knife attacks have played a central role in the rise of violent crime in many countries as a result of gang culture, religious and political extremism, and severe mental ill-health. Kozane®‘s cut-resistant fabrics can help protect vulnerable areas from cuts and lacerations while being comfortable and discreet enough to be worn all day.

Kozane® Original Double-Sided is UK HOSDB (Home Office) approved Slash-Resistant Material for Police protective equipment.

Cut resistant clothing for military

Cut and tear-resistant fabric for military operations

Kozane® was made for demanding applications and activities where the risk of cut and slash injury to the wearer is high. This high-performing fabric is already in operational use by armed forces in Northern Europe and is suitable as both protective clothing and as tear-resistant coverings for bags and other equipment. Not only does it provide ultimate protection in the field, but it is also flexible and breathable for comfort in the harshest conditions.

cut and slash resistant clothing for security

Protective clothing for security and close protection officers

Kozane®‘s lightweight, breathable composition makes it both discreet and wearable. For security and close protection officers, where the risk of attack by edged weapons is high, it can provide vital protection against serious injuries. Already in use by armed forces in Northern Europe, you can rest assured that Kozane® will offer the very best protection against very real threats.

cut and slash resistant clothing for prison and corrections officers

Vital cut and slash protection for prison and corrections officers

Prison and correctional officers are often overlooked as high-risk frontline professionals, yet their role is invaluable. As prisons and corrections facilities across the world struggle to cope with high inmate numbers and staffing shortages, attacks by inmates are becoming more and more common. As a breathable and flexible cut-resistant fabric, Kozane® is ideally suited for wear under clothing and uniform, offering vital protection against knives and homemade edged weapons.

Slash proof clothing

Slash-resistant clothing & accessories

With knife crime a growing concern for civilians across the globe, more and more people are turning to cut and slash-resistant clothing as a method of personal protection.

Kozane®‘s dual-layer system combines high-performing cut-resistance with comfort and breathability, suitable for incorporation in gloves, shirts, trousers, hoodies, sweatshirts and other everyday apparel.

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