Kozane protection shield

Sports & Leisure

Kozane®‘s cut and abrasion-resistant fabrics can be used for a range of sporting activities, as well as slash-resistant clothing and anti-theft bags and luggage. In fact, the possible applications of this versatile product are only limited by your imagination. For technical information or to discuss your specific requirements with one of our representatives, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Cut protection for ice hockey & speed skating

Kozane® can be effectively used for cut-resistant ice hockey and speed skating apparel, skin suits, gloves, neck guards, and ankle guards.

Kozane®‘s unique composition makes it lightweight, flexible and comfortable while offering high-performance protection against career-changing cuts and lacerations on the ice.

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Protective apparel for motorcyclists

Kozane®‘s unique composition makes it ideal for protective riding apparel such as shirts and trousers, offering outstanding abrasion resistance compared to conventional clothing.

Our fabrics’ soft polyester under-layer ensures they are comfortable against the skin, while the high-performance top layer provides the best possible protection against cuts, rips and tears should the worst happen.

power boat

Cut-resistant fabrics for speed boating

Wind and waves are unpredictable at the best of times. A 2018 study conducted by Divers Alert Network (DAN) found that over 20% of boating injuries sustained involved lacerations, while a further 15% involved a contusion or abrasion.

Kozane® provides lightweight protection against cuts and abrasion that can effectively reduce the risk of severe injuries, from cuts and lacerations on board to motor propellor strikes in the water.

Anti theft fabric

Anti-theft fabric

Kozane® fabrics are durable, lightweight and extremely resistant to knives and other sharp-edged tools. This makes them ideal for storage solutions designed to withstand theft and break-ins.

Our cut-resistant fabrics can be incorporated into bags, luggage, covers, screens and more, keeping valuables safe and secure from would-be thieves.

Cut resistant fabric for horse riding

Cut-resistant fabrics for horse riding

Whether riding for leisure or for competition, horses and riders can often experience cuts and scrapes.

Kozane® cut-resistant fabrics can be used to create protective garments that are safe and comfortable for both animal and human, offering a high level of protection from fencing, thorns, glass, barbed wire and other potential hazards.


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