10 May 2021

Kozane® Joins The Campaign Against Mental Health Stigma

This month sees communities across the globe raising vital awareness of mental health and campaigning to fight the stigma that often prevents individuals from seeking help. Having worked closely with professionals in both the UK and the US, Kozane® is embracing the opportunity to encourage colleagues, customers, partners, and followers to talk about all aspects and consider how they can ensure mental wellbeing for themselves and others around them.

In the United States, Mental Health America and its affiliates observe May is Mental Health Month, and this year it focuses on Tools 2 Thrive: practical tools that everyone can use to improve it and increase their emotional resiliency. In the UK Mental Health Awareness Week, takes place 10-16 May and focuses on promoting good mental health for all. This year’s theme is nature and the way in which we can connect with the natural world to improve it and feel better about ourselves.

Kozane® Invicta

As part of its commitment, earlier this year Kozane® launched the extreme tear and abrasion resistant fabric, Kozane® Invicta. It was designed by Granberg’s award-winning team in partnership with professionals to protect vulnerable patients from self-harm, for use as tear resistant clothing and bedding. Unlike alternative fabrics, Kozane® Invicta offers optimum safety and is both comfortable and breathable, ensuring the utmost dignity for those individuals experiencing severe mental ill-health.

Kozane® Invicta is ideal as part of protective garments to ensure the safety of professionals against bites and scratches associated with managing challenging behaviour. Again, this ensures safety, comfort, and dignity for all involved and allows professionals to focus on what matters most: caring.

A word from our CEO

CEO & Chairman of Granberg, Ole Marthon Granberg comments: “Mental ill health can affect any of us at any point in our lives. Yet despite much progress, they can often experience discrimination and stigma which prevents them from accessing the right support. This needs to change.”

“We remain committed to working with professionals across the globe to promote safer conditions for staff and patients through the development of protective fabrics. With this, comes a commitment to encouraging our people, partners, and customers to talk openly about mental health and promote tools for positive mental wellbeing.”

“The COVID-19 pandemic has had a detrimental effect on mental health for many and I would urge anyone currently experiencing symptoms of stress, depression, anxiety, or thoughts of self-harm to seek appropriate help as soon as possible. Early intervention is key and, with effective treatment, recovery is always possible.”