18 May 2022

Raising safety standards for high-risk professions – Military, Law Enforcement and Security

High-risk professions such as the military, law enforcement, prisons and corrections, security and close protection, are at risk from to cut injuries caused by sharp blades or knife attacks that pose life-threatening risks. We believe that personal protective equipment using our cut and slash-resistant fabrics can minimise these threats effectively.

Kozane® High-Performance Fabrics are based on a unique 3D knitting technology combining high cut, tear, abrasion, and puncture resistance with comfort and breathability, making them ideally suited for the needs of such high-risk professions.

Kozane® Extreme

Our Kozane® Extreme offers the highest cut, puncture and tear resistance yet is still breathable and soft for great comfortability and is our best cut and slash-resistant fabric. It is ideal when manufacturing slash-resistant garments used by frontline professionals who work in prisons and correction facilities and are facing potential injuries from sharp weapons (“shivs” or “shanks”), police force, private security, military or tactical teams, dealing with knife crime, undercover operatives who need discreet slash protection and force entry teams who need protection against broken glass.

At Kozane® we believe law enforcement professionals who risk their lives on a daily basis deserve the very best personal protection. Kozane® fabrics offer high levels of cut, tear, abrasion and puncture resistance you can effectively incorporate into slash-resistant garments and accessories such as jackets, tops, trousers, arm guards, balaclavas, base layers, neck guards and body armour covers. In conjunction with existing body armour, these fabrics can effectively protect professionals from cuts and lacerations to major blood vessels.

Kozane® Supreme

The world’s most cut resistant knitted fabric, Kozane® Supreme reaches the highest possible cut resistance level of ANSI A9.  While offering the highest cut, puncture, and tear resistance, Kozane® Supreme is soft and breathable, very suitable for a variety of applications in the security sector for reinforced areas most at risk from cuts and lacerations.

Kozane® aims to raise the standards of safety for high-risk professions in the military, law enforcement, and security. We salute all front-liners who risk their lives on a daily basis to perform their job. That is why Kozane® commits to continuing the development of high-performance fabrics for different sectors to address their needs for high-risk tasks and professions.

If you would like more information about how Kozane® can assist in protecting your frontline staff, contact Kozane® representative Eve Lamb on +44 (0)7599 546 566 / eve.lamb@granberg.no or go to https://www.kozaneprotection.com/applications/military-law-enforcement-security/

Soldier holding weapon