22 Jun 2022

How Kozane® Pro can minimise the risk of cuts and lacerations in sports

Taking part in sports or leisure activities which involve the use of equipment with sharp edges can pose a risk of cuts and lacerations. Likewise, contact and collision sports athletes are also at risk. These injuries are commonly seen in ice hockey, speed skating, figure skating, speedboating, etc, and apparel manufacturers constantly search for the best cut-resistant fabric for sports.

The Kozane® high-performance fabrics range, with its constant commitment to innovation, has the perfect solution that can help minimise the risk of these common injuries by combining comfort and safety.

Kozane® Pro is our lightest fabric and yet it offers a high level of cut, abrasion, puncture and tear resistance. The unique three-dimensional knitted fabric combines a high-performance top layer with a soft, breathable polyester bottom layer for optimum comfort and protection. Its unique composition makes it the only cut-resistant fabric with a 4-way stretch, and it is soft and flexible enough to make it into a protective yet very comfortable fabric for sportswear.

Ice hockey

In ice hockey, the adrenaline rush combined with the speed of the game, sharp skate blades and aggressive contact moves, expose the players to the risk of cuts and lacerations or commonly known as skate cuts. The rise of these incidents over the past years in professional leagues like the NHL led to the establishment of the Laceration Task Group under the PPE Committee which focuses on monitoring the development of cut-resistant products for athletes. The importance of wearing cut-resistant garments, from hockey socks to leg and shin pad covers became a major consideration for the sport. Speedskating, on the other hand, is a relatively safer sport, but skaters are still not completely safe from injuries such as cuts on the hands and forearms from the skates themselves or lacerations on the lower leg. 


Serious cuts can also occur in figure skating, and although figure skating blades are thicker which helps make lifts more tolerable, it doesn’t mean less risk for the skaters. Cuts still happen especially if the female partner places her skate incorrectly and slips off her partner. It takes a lot of practice, proper technique and communication. 

Kozane® Pro can be effectively used for cut-resistant ice hockey, speedboating and skating apparel, in skin suits, gloves, neck guards, ankle guards and other types of protective apparel, and it is our best cut-resistant fabric for sports. Also, its unique composition makes it lightweight, flexible and comfortable while offering high-performance protection against career-changing cuts and lacerations on the ice or in water. Kozane® Pro with its lightweight properties along with its cut, tear and abrasion resistance, is ideal for figure skating suits and garments, comfortable for skaters, not affecting their performance.

Ultimately, though some accidents are avoidable and professionals are working hard to make these sports and activities safer for everyone involved, effective protective equipment is an essential part to help minimise the risk of severe injuries. 

If you want to know more about our Kozane® High-Performance Fabrics and how you can incorporate them into protective garments, please get in touch with our dedicated representative Eve Lamb at +44 (0)7599 546 566 or by email at eve.lamb@granberg.no.

the best cut-resistant fabric for sports