27 Jan 2023

High-Performance Fabrics for Footwear

Be it sports, leisure activities, or for work, wearing the appropriate footwear is important in order to not only stay protected but also to ensure maximum performance. Using high quality materials for the production of footwear promotes a sustainable contribution to the wear-resistance and longevity of the shoes, withstanding the particular challenges in the activity it supports. Nowadays, footwear manufacturers do not merely limit to traditional materials. The demand for versatility in terms of structure, protection and performance, contribute to the demand for high-performance fabrics for footwear.

Kozane® has a full range of high-performance fabrics featuring not only very high cut resistance but also high abrasion, tear and puncture resistance, making them suitable for durable and protective footwear. Our Kozane® fabrics have been engineered and tested for industry applications, making them very long-lasting and highly sustainable.

Kozane® Invicta – extreme durability

For high-impact activities such as mountain climbing, hiking, skateboarding, etc. where, from a safety point of view, high abrasion, tear and puncture resistance are a must, Kozane® Invicta is the best choice. It’s uniquely designed as a tear and abrasion resistant fabric, making it suitable for a wide range of applications where durability is the key feature. Motorcycle apparel manufacturers around the world praise it for its unparalleled abrasion resistance and very high puncture resistance, making it ideal protective layer against rugged surfaces such as rock, gravel and asphalt. Similarly, another application is the production of protective footwear for motorcycle and cross mountain bike riders especially those involved in critical racing events. Our fabric’s underlayer ensures breathability and comfortability while the top layer provides the best possible high-performance protection against rips, tears and punctures should the worst thing happen during a ride or competition.

For those sectors of industry or security which require cut and puncture resistant footwear, there is no better choice out there than our Kozane® Extreme and Kozane® Supreme. People working in these sectors require special protection against knives, sharp blades, or sharp edged objects and tools.

Kozane® Extreme – wearable cut resistance

Kozane® Extreme offers the highest possible cut, tear and puncture protection according to the European Standard EN388. It is stronger than traditional aramid fibres such as Kevlar, Twaron and Nomex, and can continue to perform even when wet or exposed to UV. It is also comfortable and breathable, suitable for cut-resistant footwear applications in high-risk environments such as law enforcement, security and military.

Kozane® Supreme – highest cut resistance in a knitted fabric

Kozane® Supreme features the highest possible cut resistance level according to the American standard, an unprecedented ANSI A9 for a knitted fabric. While offering the highest cut, puncture and tear resistance, Kozane® Supreme is still soft and breathable, making it suitable for footwear applications not only for security and military, but also for those working in construction, manufacturing, glass and metal fabrication and in other sectors where they face the risk of injuries caused by cuts and punctures.

Kozane® Pro – lightweight cut resistance

Lastly, for sports or activities requiring more lightweight footwear, Kozane® Pro offers outstanding cut resistance while still very light and breathable – it features the lowest surface density of its class, currently incorporated into hockey socks. Its unique composition is the secret behind the optimal combination between high levels of cut, abrasion, puncture and tear resistance, and a unique 4-way stretch, making it ideal for comfortable protective clothing and footwear for ice hockey players and speed skaters. It also makes a great choice for lightweight cross training and running shoes.

Kozane® high-performance fabrics have a wide variety of applications, but if you haven’t found what you are after, our talented R&D team loves a challenge and can help develop bespoke solutions to suit your unique project.

Contact our Kozane® representative Eve Lamb on +44 (0)7599 546 566 / eve.lamb@granberg.no

high-performance fabrics for footwear