10 Nov 2021

Kozane ® High-Performance Fabrics Excited to Join More Exhibitions in the Future

It was a successful four days of exhibiting for Kozane® High-Performance Fabrics alongside parent company, Granberg AS, at the recently held A+A Trade Fair in Düsseldorf, Germany. The event being one of the world’s largest at promoting workplace health and safety, clearly reflected its significant, increased relevance brought about by the current world wide pandemic situation.


Keeping up pace with the trade fair’s focus on “people matter”, Kozane® showcased recent fabric innovations, highlighting key features and benefits. Our Kozane® Extreme, for example, offers the optimum combination between outstanding levels of protection and comfort, which makes it very popular for garments used in the float glass and metal fabrication industries, as well as for slash resistant garments for homeland security. Kozane® Pro is a lightweight version of Kozane® Extreme, the lightest fabric of its class, created for cut resistant sports apparel due to its breathability, used so far in hockey, speed skating and power boating. Kozane ® Pyro was originally designed as a lining for Granberg’s welding gloves, which can also be successfully used for other applications due to its excellent cut and heat resistance, including garment manufacturing. Kozane® Aqua combines cut and water resistance and is very much suitable for the food industry for arm guards and aprons.


The main highlight for us in this exhibition was the introduction of our newest innovation in cut-resistant textiles – Kozane® Supreme, the latest achievement of our outstanding R&D team and proof of its commitment for continuous innovation and quality. They have succeeded in creating a fabric which offers the highest cut resistance according to the European Standard EN388:2016 – Level F, and according to the American ANSI ASTM standard, an outstanding A9 cut resistance level, a first for a knitted fabric. Kozane® Supreme also features the highest puncture, abrasion and tear resistance. The soft, breathable fabric is a perfect merge between extreme protection and comfort making it wearable and suitable for garment manufacturing.  Kozane® Supreme can be laminated with different coatings including silicone, for added water resistance.


The event was a great success for us, not only did we get to showcase our range of high-performance fabrics but more importantly we were able to take part in the industry’s commitment to educate on the importance of health and safety in the workplace and to work together to adapt new solutions that will contribute better to efficiency and sustainability. Kozane® will be participating more in other industry events in the future and we are already looking forward to the next A+A in 2023.


Kozane Aqua