30 Oct 2020

Kozane® Fabric & Garment Catalogues Now Available

This month, Kozane® launches the first catalogues for both its fabric and garment ranges. Available to download online, each brochure features relevant technical information including cut, tear, puncture and abrasion resistance levels for each article.

Kozane® fabrics’ multi-layered composition is engineered to prevent or minimise a wide range of dangers in hazardous environments. It protects against cuts and lacerations while simultaneously offering high levels of abrasion, tear and puncture resistance. Already used for Granberg’s award-winning protective gloves, the fabric range offers cut protection up to EN388:2016 Cut Level F (ANSI Cut Level A8), making it far stronger than traditional aramid fibres and other cut resistant textiles in its class.

Kozane® can be effectively incorporated into almost any kind of protective apparel including gloves, upper arm and shoulder protection, gauntlets and cuffs, aprons, trousers, shoes and overalls while offering flexibility and breathability. Fabric variations also include heat resistance and water resistance for added protection and versatility in demanding situations. The range includes both fabrics and ready-made garments and is available to the global market.

You can download your catalogues using the links below or contact us for more information.

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Fabric Range
Garment Range
Garment Range


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