31 Mar 2023

How Slash Resistant Clothing can Protect Prison Officers

Correctional facilities and prisons can be one of the most violent and dangerous workplace environments. Prison officers face high rates of work-related injuries due to both fatal and nonfatal assaults at the hand of prisoners or inmates displaying uncontrollable aggressive behaviors caused sometimes by consumption of illegal substances or extremist views (cultural or religious) wherein they become hostile and violent within just a split second. This is regardless of the excellent communication skills, empathetic and calm personality of the prison officer, and often they have to wear slash resistant clothing.  

The dangers a prison officer faces on the job

Cuts and lacerations have become a regular occupational hazard for many frontline professionals in the prison sector. Violence is a daily threat for prison officers, and the weapons developed by prisoners to carry out their aggression range from just simple items such as shanks made from plastic, broken porcelain or mirrors, sharpened tables and bed frame legs, toothbrushes, pencils, nails or screws turned into stabbing weapons. These can take hours, days, weeks or even months of hard work and can cause maximum damage or pain. In many instances, prison officers are the recipients and the attacker is targeting key arteries and blood vessels that would cause rapid blood loss and potential fatalities.

Injuries from sharp implements and weapons may be some of the most common dangers that a prison officer faces each day. The right protective garments can help avoid this. The key function of slash resistant clothing is to effectively protect key arteries, and depending on the risk, together with body armour. In some cases, attacks come from highly ‘skilled’ or trained individuals, who purposefully attack a vulnerable area to incapacitate an officer. Others may accidentally slash limbs in a frenzied attack. The objective is that slash-resistant clothing prevents such injury and keeps the wearer of protective clothing fully operational, unharmed—and most importantly alive.

Kozane® Extreme – wearable cut resistance

Kozane® high-performance fabrics is a result of over 60 years of experience in technical textiles using the latest materials and technology that understands the challenges faced in harsh and dangerous environments such as prison and correctional facilities. Our Kozane® Extreme provides excellent cut resistance (EN 388 Cut Level F and ANSI Cut A8), tear and puncture protection while looking inconspicuous. It is comfortable against the skin and lightweight, making it perfect for cut-resistant garments that can look like regular clothing or uniforms which is the perfect discreet protection for the prison environment. 

How can Kozane® Extreme make a difference?

The area at the side of the neck and around the throat contains the carotid artery and jugular vein, and if either sustain lacerations, this will lead to extreme bleeding and death. Kozane® Extreme is suitable for manufacturing cut-resistant protective garments such as balaclavas, neck guards, and high neck design upper body garments to help avoid such injuries. A deep-enough slash to the inside of the forearm will sever the radial artery, which can result in unconsciousness in as little as 30 seconds, and death in as little as two minutes. Kozane® Extreme can also be used to create cut-resistant arm guards, or cut-resistant long-sleeve garments like jackets and sweaters which can provide unparalleled cut protection for the arms and for the upper body, protecting other vulnerable areas such as the pectoral muscles, biceps, and abdomen. Kozane® Extreme can also be used to manufacture or reinforce trousers to protect the lower body as well, where the most vulnerable area is the large femoral artery located in the thigh.

Kozane Extreme Performance Rating


Kozane® aims to raise awareness in safety solutions for high-risk professions such as prisons, correctional facilities, private security, and even military by developing high-performance fabrics that help professionals face the daily threats that come with the job. We salute them for keeping the society safe as they risk their lives on a daily basis. Slash-resistant clothing can reduce the risk of knife injuries and lacerations, keeping frontline professionals safer. As threats continue to change and evolve, at Kozane® High-Performance fabrics we work tirelessly to help keep your protective gear one step ahead, combining maximum cut resistance with lightweight and comfortable materials.

If you would like more information on how we can assist you in choosing the correct high performance fabric for your PPE, please contact the Kozane® representative Eve Lamb, Tel: +44 (0)7599 546 566 Email: eve.lamb@granberg.no

How slash resistant clothing can protect prison officers