04 Sep 2020

Granberg takes safety to a new level with a true multi-featured fabric range – introducing Kozane®

This month, Granberg celebrates the launch of its high-performance fabric range — Kozane® soft armour textiles.

The latest addition to the company’s portfolio combines nearly 60 years of knowledge and experience in protective glove design with the very latest textile technology, to offer an industry-leading fabric range to the global market.

High-performance and versatility

Initially created to provide the ultimate fabric for parts of the company’s cut resistant glove range, it soon became apparent that Kozane® was suitable for a whole lot more applications. 

Kozane® fabrics’ multi-layered composition is engineered to prevent or minimize a wide range of dangers in hazardous environments. It protects against cuts and lacerations while simultaneously offering high levels of abrasion, tear and puncture resistance. Products utilizing this technology benefit from increased safety and longevity.

The fabric range offers cut protection up to EN388:2016 Cut Level F (ANSI Cut Level A9), making it far stronger than traditional aramid fibres and other cut resistant textiles in its class.

All-round protection

In addition to the outstanding cut protection, Kozane® incorporates high levels of abrasion, tear, and puncture resistance, making it suitable for use even in high-risk industries such as the military, security and law enforcement as well as manufacturing, food processing and sports.

Kozane® high-performance fabric range can be effectively incorporated into almost any kind of protective apparel including gloves, upper arm and shoulder protection, gauntlets and cuffs, aprons, trousers, shoes and overalls while offering flexibility and breathability, making the protective gear usable even in the harshest conditions.

CEO & Chairman of Granberg, Ole Marthon Granberg comments:

“As a company with a proud heritage in providing innovative safety solutions for our growing customer base, we are proud to introduce the Kozane® range to the market”.

“Having won multiple awards as a result of our extensive research and product development, we are confident that the Kozane® range offers the highest levels of safety and flexibility”.

“It will enable new and old customers to incorporate Kozane® when designing top of the line safety apparel and other products tailored to their specific needs”.

“We know that no companies are the same and that hazards vary between roles. As such, we are already working with several pioneering organisations to trial new variants and garment designs”.

“I really look forward to seeing how the Kozane® brand will grow and help others when businesses get to learn about the high-performance on offer”.

— With endless possibilities, Kozane® high-performance fabric range can aid your products in reaching their full potential and more.

For more information on the Kozane® range, please contact our dedicated representative Eve Lamb on +44 7599 546 566 or send her an email at: eve.lamb@granberg.no.

Kozane® high-performance fabric