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What do these ratings mean?

Global Cut Standards Explained

The performance of cut-resistant fabrics has improved significantly in recent years, with new yarns and technologies developed to withstand the most challenging environments.

Kozane Guide to Global Cut Level Standards

Kozane® fabrics are tested to European cut level standard EN388, which is also recognised across Canada, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Latin America, and the United States cut level standard, ANSI/ISEA 105.

EN388 involves two tests for cut resistance – the coupe test (rotating blade) and ISO 13997 (TDM). The coupe test gives a cut score of 1-5 and is used for lower cut-resistant materials. The ISO 13997 test gives more accurate results and is implemented when coupe test results are level 3 or above and results in a score from A-F.

The ANSI standard uses the ASTM F2992-15 (TDM) test, in which the sample is cut five times with three different loads and an average is calculated, resulting in a cut score of A1-A9.

Our guide to global cut level standards offers a comprehensive explanation of both the EN388 and ANSI cut standards, and how to choose the correct level of protection for your industry. Please click the link below to download your copy.

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