Cut and Heat Resistant Fabric
Kozane protection shield
Cut Resistant Apron

Kozane® Cut-Resistant Apron V1

Art. no. 702-05

Made using Kozane® Aqua cut and water-resistant fabric (article number 500.3800), our aprons offer outstanding cut and water resistance. The unique three-dimensional knitted fabric combines a high performance, silicone coated top layer with a soft polyester bottom layer for optimum protection and comfort. This garment is fully washable and suitable for use in the food industry

Performance Levels

EN 388:2016 6.1 AbrasionLevel 4
EN 388:2016 6.4 Tear resistanceLevel 4
EN 388:2016 6.5 Puncture resistanceLevel 4
ANSI ASTM F2992-15Cut A5 (Cut Score: 2,232g)
EN 407:2004 Clause 5.2Contact Heat Level 2


Food packaging
Glass handling
Paper/pulp processing
General manufacturing
Oil and gas refining

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