24 Jul 2020

What specialist tools or equipment do I need to work with Kozane®?

Recommended cutting machines and blades

  • Blade cutting machine HOFFMAN HF-200TF/1100 (1.5kW)
  • Belt blade BS 4435x10x0.45 mm double bevel smooth
  • Electronic scissors EC Cutter (20.00cm x 10.00cm x 20.00cm)

Needle type

  • For the main seams: SCHMETZ 134 SES 135×5 SES DPx5 SES 110/18 or Organ Needles DPx5 135×5 134R/1955 110/18 B/SUK
  • For the thick seams: Organ Needles DPx5 135×5 134R/1955 120/19 B/SUK

Thread type

  • Thread for the main seams: SABA No.50 (polyester core-spun)
  • Thread for the strong seams: TYTAN No. 40 (polyester 100%)
  • Thread for the strong and heat resistant seams: KEVLAR 30/3

Our team’s advice

  • It is recommended to cut the pieces of garments only according to the main/machine direction of the knitted fabric.
  • It is recommended to avoid stretching/pulling during the cutting – make sure that the cutting machine cuts, does not damage/tear and tension the knitted fabric during of cut process. It is recommended to use only a sharp knife and sharpen the edge of the knife regularly.