02 May 2022

High-Performance Fabrics for the Sports and Leisure Sector

The sports sector has recently been adopting high-performance apparel, with new regulations in place aimed at protecting against cuts and lacerations which can occur in extreme sports, especially for cut-resistant fabrics for ice hockey. Jackets, shirts, pants, overall suits, protective guards, boots, socks, and other accessories are made not just for fashion, style or comfort, but more importantly for extra durability and protection. For both sports and leisure durability is a popular subject, not only for sustainability but also for more reliable products.

Keeping all of this in mind, Kozane® high-performance fabrics are not just suitable for industrial, healthcare, special education, military or security, but are also perfect for these types of applications, addressing the needs of the sports and leisure sector for protective and durable fabrics. Our cut, abrasion, tear and puncture-resistant fabrics can be used for a range of activities such as motorcycling, ice sports (hockey, speed skating, skiing), water sports (speed boating), horse riding, outdoor activities (hiking) and other activities that can present injury risks caused by sharp surfaces.

Kozane® Invicta

Kozane® Invicta is our most durable fabric, suitable for extreme wear and tear applications due to its high abrasion, tear and puncture resistance, ideal for manufacturing protective apparel, durable footwear, bags, backpacks or luggage, and other outdoor equipment where durability is key.

Whether you go for a chopper, cruiser, street or dirt bike you need outstanding overall protection, and conventional clothing is not suitable. Kozane® Invicta addresses this need as an extremely abrasion resistance fabric that protects against rips and tears should the worst happen. Yet, it is soft and kind on the skin and ensures comfort and breathability.

The extreme protection that Kozane® Invicta provides also makes it a perfect application for durable footwear and accessories such as belts, harnesses, bags and backpacks. Be it for hiking, riding, running, and other activities that need to withstand high wear and tear, Kozane® Invicta will maximise the product shelf life, with abrasion resistance levels far beyond any other knitted fabrics.

Kozane® Terra

Designed initially for motorcycle safety apparel clothing, Kozane® Terra fabrics achieve the maximum protection according to EN 17092-2/: 2020 (EN 17092-1: 2020) Impact Abrasion at 120 km/h, level AAA. They are soft, lightweight and breathable, making them ideal as a liner fabric for motorcycle trousers or jackets, or on their own to manufacture abrasion and tear resistant clothing.

Kozane® Pro

Kozane® Pro is our most lightweight fabric with a unique 4-way stretch, in fact, it has the lowest surface density of its class – while still offering outstanding cut, puncture and tear resistance. Its unique composition makes it soft and flexible enough to manufacture comfortable, breathable and stretchy protective clothing, initially developed as a cut-resistant fabric for ice hockey.

The risk of injuries as a result of cuts and lacerations exists in several extreme sports. For this reason, Kozane® Pro is ideal for various cut-resistant ice hockey apparel and socks, suits for skating and skiing, or speed boating apparel. The outstanding lightweight characteristics of this fabric combined with its cut, puncture and tear resistance also make it a perfect material for manufacturing theft-proof luggage and covers.

If you would like more information on how we can assist you in choosing the correct fabric for your PPE, please contact the Kozane® representative Eve Lamb:

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High-Performance Fabrics for the Sports and Leisure Sector