23 Sep 2022

The Latest High-Performance Fabrics for Sports and Motorcycle Apparel

Abrasion is the wearing, grinding or rubbing away of a material caused by friction. Abrasion resistance is related to toughness and most people would assume the military and industrial sectors as main fabric applications. There are other applications which require abrasion-resistant fabrics, used as durable layers to extend a product’s shelf life as wear and tear resistant and also provide protection for the wearer. Such fabrics are used across a range of industries with applications in footwear and apparel for extreme sports, outdoor activities, motorcycling, off-road biking, etc. These fabrics must not only feature abrasion resistance but also offer tear and cut resistance, enhanced durability, stretchy and comfortable to wear. Abrasion resistant fabrics for motorcycle safety apparel must meet very rigorous standards and testing methods.

Safety and functionality are important considerations when looking into protective apparel and footwear, as well as performance and ultimately the sustainability aspect of using long-lasting fabrics, due to extended product shelf life.

The Kozane® range of high-performance fabrics was developed by Granberg’s award-winning design team with all this in mind. Our fabric range offers breathability, comfort and flexibility suitable for various applications, not just for dangerous activities performed by military or industrial professionals but also for motorcycle apparel, footwear for outdoor activities ( mountaineering and hiking), durable or anti-theft backpacks, outdoor gear, and for extreme sports like snowboarding and skateboarding.

Kozane® Terra for motorcycle clothing

Kozane® Terra range of fabrics, initially for motorcycle safety apparel clothing, achieve the maximum protection according to EN 17092-2/: 2020 (EN 17092-1: 2020) Impact Abrasion at 120 km/h, level AAA. Soft, lightweight and breathable, they are ideal as liner fabrics for motorcycle trousers or jackets, or on their own to manufacture abrasion and tear resistant clothing, footwear or apparel.

Kozane® Invicta for maximum durability

Kozane® Invicta offers outstanding abrasion resistance, as well as the highest possible levels of tear and puncture resistance making it an ideal protective layer against rugged surfaces such as rock, gravel and asphalt.  Our fabric’s underlayer ensures breathability and comfort, feeling smooth on the skin, while the top layer provides the best possible protection against rips and tears yet is still flexible for the wearer.  It is also fully washable and perfect for motorcycle apparel and equipment (shirts, jackets, trousers, boots, bags, etc.).

Kozane® Extreme for cut resistance

Kozane® Extreme combines optimum cut, abrasion, tear and puncture protection with wearability. It is flexible, breathable and stronger than traditional aramid fibres, continuing to perform even when wet. This fabric is very much suitable for garment and footwear applications even in extreme activities like skateboarding.

Kozane® Pro – lightweight protection

Kozane® Pro is our most lightweight fabric while still offering a high level of cut, abrasion, puncture and tear resistance. Its unique composition offers a 4-way stretch, with a soft feel and flexibility, perfect for comfortable protective clothing for skiing, speed skating, power boating, ice hockey, etc.

It is important to know that fabrics may respond differently in actual everyday use. Here at Kozane®, we will help you make the best possible decision and work with you to find the appropriate fabric for your needs. Unlock our fabric’s potential with new real-world applications and get in touch today with our dedicated representative Eve Lamb at +44 (0)7599 546 566 or by email at eve.lamb@granberg.no.

The Latest High-Performance Fabrics for Sports and Motorcycle Apparel