Abrasion Resistant Fabric
Kozane protection shield

Abrasion Resistant Fabrics

Kozane® fabrics offer high levels of wear and abrasion resistance, as well as cut, tear and puncture resistance. Here, we showcase our fabrics with the highest levels of abrasion resistance, offering the best possible protection against rubbing, grazing, and surface wear.

Our fabrics are suitable for use as part of bags, protective coverings, upholstery, clothing, footwear or garment manufacturing. They are also already in use by customers in the military, industrial, extreme sports and healthcare sectors.

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Military, Law Enforcement & Security

Kozane® Invicta

Our advanced tear and abrasion-resistant fabric, Kozane® Invicta, was designed for tear resistant garments for vulnerable patients and prisoners where traditional clothing and bedding may increase the risk of self-harm, and for motorcycle apparel as part of abrasion resistant clothing. Its unique properties make it suitable for a wide range of applications which require extreme durability, such as footwear or luggage manufacturing.

  • EN388:2016 Abrasion – Level 4
  • EN388:2016 Tear – Level 4
  • EN388:2016  Puncture – Level 4
  • EN388:2016 Cut (EN ISO 13997:1999) – Level B


Kozane® Terra

Kozane® Terra was developed in collaboration with motorcycle apparel manufacturers to address the market’s need for high-performance as well as lightweight and wearable fabrics. The range includes options varying in weight, colours, and protection levels. All fabrics have been tested according to the EN 17092-2/: 2020 (EN 17092-1: 2020) Impact Abrasion at 120 km/h, achieving results from AA to AAA.

Other applications can be considered for the Kozane® Terra range of fabrics where extreme durability and wear and tear are needed.

abrasion resistant fabric

Kozane® Extreme

Kozane® Extreme offers high abrasion resistance and maximum cut protection for workers in high-risk roles. The unique three-dimensional knitted fabric combines a high-performance top layer with a soft polyester bottom layer for optimum comfort and protection.

  • EN388:2016 Abrasion – Level 3
  • EN388:2016 Tear – Level 4
  • EN388:2016  Puncture – Level 4
  • EN388:2016 Cut (EN ISO 13997:1999) – Level F

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