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Kozane® Pyro
Cut & Heat-Resistant Fabric

Originally designed as a lining for Granberg gloves, Kozane® Pyro’s unique composition makes it an outstanding cut and heat-resistant fabric with a variety of applications. This unique three-dimensional knitted fabric combines a high-performance top layer with a soft polyester bottom layer for optimum comfort and protection.

EN388:2016 Abrasion – Level 3
EN388:2016  Tear – Level 4
EN388:2016  Puncture – Level 1
EN388:2016 Cut resistance method (EN ISO 13997:1999) – Level F
EN 407:2004 Contact Heat – Level 1
Kozane® Pyro Performance
EN 388:2016
EN 388:2016
EN 388:2016
EN 388:2016 Cut
(EN ISO 13997:1999)
EN 407:2004 Clause 5.2
Contact Heat Level 1
Kozane Pyro

Technical Specification

Our products combine over 60 years of experience in technical textiles with the latest materials and technology to deliver flexible, lightweight, and breathable protection that truly performs.

Not only does this cut and heat-resistant fabric offer outstanding protection against sharp surfaces or tools, but it also provides protection against contact heat.

Granberg MIG Welding Gloves


Kozane® Pyro’s unique composition and outstanding performance make it suitable for a wide variety of applications, including personal protective equipment (PPE) for use in:

  • Glass
  • Steel and metal
  • Oil, gas and mining
  • Pulp and paper
  • Forestry
  • Construction
  • Automotive manufacturing

Featured product: Granberg MIG Welding Gloves 105.3810

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