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Sheet Metal Fabrication & Processing

Handling sheet and strip metal can be a dangerous activity. As many as a third of all injuries in the engineering industry involve cuts and lacerations caused by sharp metal. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) made from Kozane® cut resistant fabric offers superior protection against such hazards while ensuring workers remain cool and comfortable throughout the day.

Sheet Metal

Outstanding protection for sheet metal workers

Initially designed for the lining of Granberg protective gloves, Kozane®‘s composition is ideally suited to preventing cuts and lacerations caused by razor sharp metal. This superior fabric is proven to offer unparalleled protection in the workplace, even in the harshest of working conditions.

Whether your employees are moving and cutting sheet metal in a factory environment or altering parts on-site, choosing Kozane® could see workplace injuries become a thing of the past.

Sheet metal processing

Kozane® for cut, heat and water resistance

We know that no two companies are the same and that hazards vary from role to role. That’s why we offer a range of products so that you can choose the exact level of cut resistance you require.

In addition, our heat resistant and water resistant fabric options offer additional protection for harsh environments. Kozane® can be effectively incorporated into:

  • upper arm and shoulder protection
  • gloves
  • gauntlets and cuffs
  • aprons
  • overalls

What’s more, Kozane®‘s flexibility and breathability make it extremely comfortable to wear – vital for repetitive, manual tasks and keeping your workers happy!

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