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Cut Resistant Fabric for
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We know that your employees’ health and safety are paramount. That’s why we work with leading glass manufacturers to ensure Kozane® offers the very best protection against cuts and lacerations caused by moving, lifting and handling glass.

Revolutionising PPE in the glass industry

In the glass industry, manual handling is often unavoidable. Selecting and lifting stock, laying on a bench for cutting, and placing in racks read for dispatch are common tasks that pose a high risk to workers.

Over a third of all injuries in the UK glass industry are caused by moving, lifting and carrying (RIDDOR, 2019), while in the US, nearly 20% of all injuries in glass and glass product manufacturing involve a cut, laceration or puncture (US Bureau of Labour Statistics, 2018). With the right personal protective equipment (PPE), accidental injuries like this can be avoided, keeping workers safe and saving your company both time and money.

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Kozane® for cut, slash and heat resistance

The UK’s Glass & Glazing Federation recommends the following PPE for glass industry workers, all of which can be produced using Kozane® cut resistant fabric:

  • upper arm and shoulder protection
  • gloves
  • gauntlets and cuffs
  • apron
  • overalls

What’s more, Kozane®‘s unique composition, flexibility and breathability make it extremely comfortable to wear – vital for repetitive, manual tasks and working in warm conditions.

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